Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Standard recording rates:
$50 per hour — $350 per day (8 hours)

$200 per song

$250 per song

Producer Services

Recording with active producer input, advice and musical assistance:
$75 per hour — $600 per day (8 hours)

Producer composes and/or preforms on clients’ recording:
$300 per song per instrument

Re-Amping Services

Guitar/bass re-amping:
$50 per hour (plus gear rental fees if applicable)

Sound Replacement, Drum and MIDI Services

Sound replacement on existing drums, keyboards or virtual instruments:
$50 per hour

Producer composes and records MIDI drums:
$300 per song

Producer composes and records MIDI orchestral elements:
$500 per song (subject to price consideration based on amount of work required)

Live Sound Services

Front of house engineer fee for showcase stage rehearsal:
$25 per house (2 hour minimum)

Live recording from showcase stage soundboard:
$100 (flat fee)